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Help us out!!! Fight off The Blob!

Please help us take down the blob at GR8BIT Live!

Like BandCamp? Here you go...

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Fan Fueled Lobos Tapping

Our first radio spot, fun stuff.

Show em how it's done Joseph

Yay! We finally have a new drummer, super excited. Show coming up this Saturday, check the FB for details.

Quick update.

A new drummer in the works?

A cool Gurgu Volcano.

Cold as Ninja Gaiden level 2-2, yet rocking like the Chaosium intro!

Even though it was rainy and cold just like Ninja Gaiden 2 level 2-2 (where the wind is blowing and the rain/snow is falling), we gathered our strength and climbed the mountain of Festival. Took some damage, but slayed the endboss.

Had to be there to believe it... Blades of Steel, Mario Medley, Gurgu Volcano, Ninja Gaiden II Medley, Daytona Beach from Super Spike V'Ball, Ducktales Medley...

Rehearsal this weekend... Select start already!

So Playing With Power! is getting together this weekend for an official rehearsal with our new guitarist and new drummer. Yes, if you haven't heard, new guitar player and drummer. Not that we had an old one... well, kinda. Anyway, playing the best music ever composed takes a special someone. Here are some of the questions we posed in the interview:

1. When someone mentions, "the moon," what comes to mind?
2. Have you ever stayed home "sick" from school in attempt to play video games all day?
3. What does this combo mean to you? toward, down, toward + punch

Shout out to!!!

Thanks to Phillip over at for featuring our music! If you ever need a tab or a music related article to read head over there now! :)

Their mission is great: Memorable Music, Showcase Other Musicians, and to [Share] Quality NES Guitar Tabs!